Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – May 2016 by THEnergy

The May edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” features Total, Masdar, Gamesa, SMA Sunbelt, Enerdeal, Saft, Stem, Offgrid Electric, Powerhive, Statia Utility Company, and Forrest Group. We observe again the continuous trend that large renewable energy players enter the hybrid and microgrid market.

Top 1

French oil company Total to buy Saft in move on decentralized renewable energy markets

Total’s proposed offer will value Saft at €950 million. The Supervisory Board of Saft has already approved the friendly takeover. A spokesman of Total has pointed out to THEnergy that “the rationale for this proposed acquisition (…) is to further establish Total as a player in renewables (…), and to help us get a better understanding of the electricity value chain”. In addition, he said that Total had already “marked interest in decentralized energy systems” with minority stakes in the energy storage company STEM and in the off-grid solar players Offgrid Electric and Powerhive.

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Top 2

Masdar finishes solar-diesel hybrid projects with 3.15 MWp PV in 5 Pacific states

The new microgrid projects were built under the USD50 million UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund (UAE-PPD). The latest projects include a 1MW PV plant in the Solomon Islands, a 500kW PV plant in Nauru, two solar-diesel hybrid plants totaling 450kW in Palau, a 600kW PV plant in the Marshall Islands and a 600kW PV plant in Micronesia. The projects will deliver a total of 3.15MW of clean energy capacity and displace over 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. They will also save 1.6 million litres of diesel fuel annually; supporting the Islands’ efforts to diversify its energy mix and meet each nation’s individual renewable energy targets.

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Top 3

Spanish wind power giant Gamesa combines wind, solar, storage and diesel for off-grid prototype

The next large energy player moves toward the off-grid markets. Gamesa’s pilot system will feature an 850kW wind turbine, 245kW of PV solar, three 222kW diesel generators and 500 kW lithium-ion batteries. In the future, Gamesa will also be testing flow battery technology nad will consider ultracapacitors and flywheels. The system targets mines, cement works and isolated communities such as islands and remote villages, with varying combinations of wind, solar, diesel and storage, depending on the needs.

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Top 4

Solar-diesel hybrid with 1.9MWp PV and 1MW storage for Dutch Caribbean island St. Eustatius

SMA Sunbelt built the solar-diesel hybrid plant for Statia Utility Company (STUCO), which serves the island with electricity. Until March 2016, the island’s power supply was fully derived from diesel fuel. As a result of the green transition, the island’s local utility is now able to reduce its fossil fuel consumption by up to 30% and displace 2,200 tons of CO² per year.

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Top 5

Enerdeal and Forrest Group sign off-grid solar microgrid with 1 MW PV and 3 MWh battery in Kongo

The plant will be located in Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It will be the largest off-grid solar plant in DRC and one of the biggest off-grid solar plants in Africa. The microgrid will give power to a region with no access to electricity. The production capacity is being coupled with several kilometers of medium and low voltage transmission lines, in order to power street lights and households and to enhance the development of new small and medium industries in the area.

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