Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – January 2017 by THEnergy

The January edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” features the UN, EPS, Tesla, Hevel LLC, CETOSA, Fronius and Victron. It contains projects in Libya, Australia, the US, Russia and Spain. In this edition, battery storage  systems play again an important role.

Top 1

UN Installs Solar Power plus Energy Storage at Hospitals in Libya

Distortions to electricity supply caused by armed groups forcing hospitals to use back-up generators that frequently run out of diesel. Solar panels have already been installed in 10 hospitals to enable them to continuously operate vital medical equipment such as dialyzers, medicine refrigeration, surgery rooms and ICUs. E.g. the system at Abu Salem Hospital consists of 37.5 kWp of PV plus 130 kWh of energy storage.


Top 2

EPS Provides Storage System for Hybrid Solar-Wind-Diesel Hybrid Microgrid Project in Australia

Electro Power Systems (EPS) announced the successful delivery of a 1 MW storage system that will be connected to the Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Power Project microgrid in Southern Australia. Once completed, the hybrid power plant will be connected to a microgrid composed of 1MW of PV, 4MW of wind and up to 6MW of diesel generators. Over the plant’s 20-year life, it will provide energy power to meet the demands of around 1,600 individuals in the local area.


Top 3

A Small Solar Array and a 1 MW Battery will Help to Power Ocracoke - a Small Island off North Carolina

The microgrid will provide 1 MW, 1 MWh of storage from Tesla, utilizing a small solar array. It will help reduce demand charges and maintain reliability in the event the mainland transmission link goes down. In addition, a bank of smart thermostats will be used for demand response.


Top 4

Hevel LLC to Build Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power Plants in Russia with Combined Capacity of Up to 40 MW

Hevel has announced a program to build more than 100 hybrid plants in the period to 2021, with average capacity of 100 kW solar power and 300 kW of diesel generation. There are plans to build two plants in Trans-Baikal and one in Buryatia in 2016-2017.


Top 5

The Agricultural Company Cereals Torremorell S.A. (CETOSA) Tested Solar Diesel-Hybrid Successfully for a Piglet Farm in Spain

PV system provides 82 kWp and is installed on the roof of the piglet farm. The system also included a battery based energy storage system. The operating results from the first seven months are now available. The average power consumption of the piglet farm during this period was between 4 and 6 kW. The daily requirement is between 100 and 150 kWh. There were only two days in October when the diesel generator had to be fired up and generate electricity for a few hours. Fronius inverters and Victron control devices are used.



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