Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – September / October 2018 by THEnergy

The new edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” is about a strategic investment and several applications in the commercial and industrial microgrid segment: another project in mining, a large shopping mall, an agricultural solution and a microgrid at a corporate headquarter. This edition features Zenith Energy, Independence Group, Atterbury Property, Attacq, Solareff, Rolls-Royce, MTU Onsite Energy, Qinous, Cubbie, VivoPower, Aevitas Group, and Siemens.

Top 1

Solar-diesel hybrid plant with 6 MW PV at Independence Group’s Nova nickel-copper mine in Australia

Independence Group has chosen Zenith Energy to add a solar plant to its existing diesel power station at its Nova nickel mine. Zenith will build the 6 MW solar plant under an amendment to its existing power purchase agreement. The plant is expected to be commissioned by September 2020 with an initial supply period of six years and an option for Independence to extend for another two years. A conventional 20 MW diesel-powered plant currently powers the Nova operation in Western Australia.

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Top 2

Mall of Africa inaugurates the world’s largest rooftop solar-diesel hybrid solution in South Africa

The Mall of Africa, in Waterfall City in Midrand, South Africa uses solar energy. Solareff was responsible for the installation of the 4,8 MW PV solution that covers about 45 000m² of roof space. The shopping center’s developer Atterbury Property, which owns 20 percent of the mall with the majority 80 percent owned by listed property company Attacq, pointed out that they will use integrated rooftop solar-diesel hybrid solution at more of their properties in the future.

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Top 3

Rolls-Royce invests in energy storage company to expand microgrid offering

Rolls-Royce announced that it is investing in Berlin-based start-up company Qinous GmbH, a provider of energy storage solutions and control systems. With the investment, Rolls-Royce will now focus amongst others on the global hotel, hospital and emergency shelter market segments for microgrids.

Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems adds: “In addition to the diesel and gas gensets supplied by MTU Onsite Energy, together with our partners such as Qinous we will now offer battery containers, include renewable power generation plants, and combine that with intelligent control. This strengthens our position as a provider of innovative power solutions who is able to supply customers with microgrid systems tailored to their specific requirements.”

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Top 4

Australia’s largest cotton producer reduces diesel consumption with a 3.6-MW solar solution

The project will be owned by a subsidiary of Cubbie Ag, the largest cotton producer in Australia, and will produce electricity to help power Cubbie Station, the largest irrigation property in the southern hemisphere. It will generate enough electricity to supply 40% of Cubbie’s energy needs at Cubbie Station during the peak cotton ginning season, running from April to September. VivoPower International’s wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, Aevitas Group Limited has been awarded the EPC contract. The project is the first phase of a longer-term plan to expand to 7.2 MW, and will also include battery storage.

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Top 5

Siemens launches microgrid with 1 MW solar and 140 kWh energy storage in South Africa

The system is located at Siemens’s South Africa headquarters in Midrand. The microgrid is built around a 1 MW PV plant strategically positioned throughout the Siemens Park campus that takes full advantage of the high solar irradiation.  Excess energy is stored in a 140KWh lithium-ion storage system.

Sabine Dall’Omo, Siemens CEO for Southern and Eastern Africa explains: “This system will drive down our organization's energy costs and cut carbon emissions. We have already reduced the energy demand from the national grid by approximately 40% compared to previous years and more savings are expected with further optimization.”

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