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Marketing consulting

THEnergy's consulting services cover the whole field of marketing: from market research, e.g. conjoint analysis and market segmentation, to re-engineering of the marketing strategy and new business models. Market introductions are another key consulting service.

Market research

Thorough market knowledge is a main prerequisite for successful marketing. THEngery offers both, market knowledge in renewable energies and e-mobility as well as unmatched experience in market research. The PhD-thesis of Dr. Thomas Hillig is about market research. The personal consulting references contain amongst others Germany’s largest online conjoint analysis for a renowned corporate group, including product optimization and market segmentation. In addition, Dr. Thomas Hillig has thorough consulting experiences in customer satisfaction analysis, price sensivity analysis and market potential estimations. A profound knowledge in market due diligence completes the market research-module.

Consulting fields in Marketing
Consulting fields in Marketing

Market entry

In the last 16 years, Thomas Hillig has built up thorough experience in market introductions. From the market introduction of innovative network computers, via the market introduction of logistic services and online-tools to solar modules from reject solar cells, from a marketing perspective one of the most challenging products. Together with his clients THEnergy develops a market introduction plan, which covers the whole range: definition of the relevant market, market segmentation, sales channels, pricing, communications, promotions, GAP-analysis of existing marketing and sales material, trade show and conference planning as well as resource planning.

Strategic business transformation

The renewable energy industry is very dynamic. Do things that were successful yesterday still work today? Do you have to transform your business strategically? Together with his clients Thomas Hillig develops new business and marketing strategies or business models. Do your main markets disappear? Is your sales channel not efficient anymore? Dr. Thomas Hillig Energy Consulting assits you in topics such as internationalization and building of new sales channels. Consulting in the context is not only about strategy, but can be as well very operational. Thanks to an excellent network markets can be structured and specific leads can be generated.

Marketing automation

The renewable energy industry is to a large extent a typical B2B-market. Due to a fragmented market with numerous companies there are many interfaces to existing and potential customers. THEnergy shows how to automate to a large extent these interfaces with specific tools.


Are you convinced that your company does not need communication? Advertising is something for the very big players? THEnergy shows you how you are already communicating today. In many cases a very modest budget allows for improving communications considerably.

Übersicht AIDA-Modell und Kommunikationsmaßnahmen
Übersicht AIDA-Modell und Kommunikationsmaßnahmen

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Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – January/February 2018 by THEnergy

The new edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” features two interesting applications of hybrid projects and three investments in microgrid players. This will be an extremely interesting business field in the future - we have been involved ourselves in two large rural electrification related due diligences last year. These investment activities will trigger the construction of many new plants in the near future. It is interesting to see that Nigeria becomes a hotspot of the solar-diesel hybrid development.

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THEnergy workshops: Solar-diesel / wind-diesel and microgrids - 20 workshops already done

Are you looking for new renewable energy markets? Have microgrids and solar- or wind-diesel hybrid projects attracted your attention? THEnergy offers tailor-made workshops!

Do like 20+ companies have done before! You can save weeks of your employees' valuable time by receiving crucial information in a very dense way!

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