Renewable energy sales consulting

Dr. Thomas Hillig Energy Consulting offers customers from the renewable energy and e-mobility sectors consulting services in sales. They range from specific customer contacts, via lead generation to strategic topics.

Optimization of the sales planning process

Based on an analysis of the current state, sales objectives are developed. The goal is to achieve the company's objectives and to increase the employees’ motivation. From the sales objective a sales strategy is derived. Especially concerning this matter interactions with other elements in marketing and the company strategy have to be taken into consideration. In order to achieve the sales objectives resources are required. The resources are defined in the budget planning. Finally, sales controlling measures the deviation between the target and current results.

The sales plan defines specific sales related actions, which are meant to ensure that the sales objectives are achieved. Sales actions could be for example sales promotions, campaigns, customer-events or on a more strategic level the introduction of a CRM-system.

Overview: Sales consulting
Overview: Sales consulting

Sales campaigns

For this consulting service integrated marketing and sales campaigns are in the focus. THEnergy develops or assists in the development of integrated campaigns. The objective of such campaigns could be lead-generation, conversion of leads to customers or revenue-growth with existing customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

The consulting service begins with the selection of a CRM-system and configurations of the system to the client’s needs. A mile-stone nevertheless is the introduction process into the sales organization.

Development of incentive systems

Incentive systems can be developed for employees, sales partners and customers (customer programs).


THEnergy offers sales workshops about selected topics. These topics could be negotiation skills or sales re-engineering. Very frequently workshops are as well a part of the consulting topics addressed above.

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